Tuesday, January 31, 2012


UNIF Go to Hell tee c/o Dolls Kill, Zara snakeskin pants/faux fur leopard bag, vintage crochet maxi cardi, old beanie, Items by Johanna wooden cross necklace, Nasty Gal customized JC Tardy boots, H&M metal cuff, vintage crosses necklace, evil eye harness bracelet and random rings

Is it just me or does snakeskin or any print remind you of camo? I feel I can wear them with anything...that or I force them to, lol!

Anywho, I love the UNIF brand not just because the shirts are flippin' hilarious but the blogger, Christina/Christeric, behind it all was able to be successful by just being herself! She definitely represent bloggers like me who just don't give a fuck but appreciative of the outcome. I try to instill in my readers that you don't have to change who you are to be successful. I've said NO to plenty of things/people but did it stop me? Noooope, just because one person or several don't like it, doesn't means there's thousands out there who do! Don't give up...just keep pushing!

Okay let me stop before I start a fucking movement up in this bitch!

Back on track...Soooooo I was super stoked when Dolls Kill sent me this AWESOME tee! Thanks guys, I haven't taken it off since I received it, hehe. They're also letting me do a giveaway to one of my lucky readers but that's not until next week. So keep you eyes peeled for that! 

And speaking of GIVEAWAYS don't forget to enter to win $50 from TUNNEL VISION! Enter here, if you haven't already.

Gotta run, ZUMBA!! 
kiss kiss,

Sunday, January 29, 2012


(everything vintage from head to toe)
vintage suede fringe jacket, TUNNEL VISION vintage psychedelic shorts, vintage bodysuit, vintage Hand of Fatima necklace, Mad Lady stone ring, vintage bangles and random ring

I know my editing skills ain't the business but I thought this would be hilarious!! 

I was truly inspired by these shorts, like hardcore vintage like this is slowly disappearing from the planet. And being replaced by overpriced "thrifted" crap that has no life or meaning! Can't you envision me holding a picket sign saying, "Keep VINTAGE alive!", lol! I can't even go on eBay anymore(except for jewelry), it's just sad. Like I used to find some good shizz on there on the low low, now I have to pay an arm, leg, first born for lower quality...I don't think so.
But thanks to the ladies, Madeline and Brit over at Tunnel Vision for restoring the faith in vintage cause these shorts are my life!
And lucky for you they're giving one of my readers a $50 gift card to blow in their store! Yep 50 BUCKS!! 
Here's the rules, so effin simple too:
First you must be following Mama here on Blogger (not anywhere else), then like Tunnel Vision on Facebook, here, come back leave Mama a comment and BAM you're done! Easy right? So enter now cause the giveaway ends Sunday, February 5th!

kiss kiss,

Background images except for the aztec rainbow stripes were found on Google and Tumblr. If this is your work, please let me know so I can link you.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


(everything thrifted from head to toe except bag)
altered vintage sunflower dress, vintage denim bullets jacket, Zara faux fur leopard bag, old fishnets(obvi), vintage chunky lace ups, vintage cross necklace, Romwe spiked cuff, eBay evil eye chain ring harness, DIY spiked leather wrap cuff, Target socks, old beanie and random rings

Oh the 90s sunflower dress. You can find a bagillion of these at your local thrift store/charity shop but it's all about finding the right fit and print for me. Everything was perfect about this dress...the black with the bold realistic sunflowers down to the pleated babydoll effect. The length was a bit too Amish for me, I like my thighs to breathe, so I hacked it! I literally cut the dress before walking out the door...seriously, gotta love my last minute fishtail!
I  added denim to the mix and since I decided to go there I might well bust out the chunky shoes too.

Ugh I love grunge revival cause you can dress down but still be overly fashionable!

Love it? Let me hear ya!

kiss kiss,

Friday, January 20, 2012


Crash and Burn Joan top, Romwe faux leather trousers/spiked leather cuff, vintage camo jacket, vintage DIY leopard platform maryjanes, vintage Chanel clutch, vintage cross necklaces, DIY spiked leather cuff, Beginning Boutique cage ring, Mad Lady tribal cuff, Joel's leaves/crosses necklace and random rings

I seriously find the coolest shit at Romwe, like these faux leather pants! I've been hunting and searching for a pair like these for awhile now. The added bonus is they don't have that obvious stitching across the thighs...I HATE THAT! You know what I'm talking about?
Now I don't normally wear baggy pants since they swallow my boney ass whole but I made an exception to the rules for these bad boys. Gosh I just LOVE THEM, getting all giddy over here!
I decided to keep the outfit classic by adding this crisp white blouse from Crash and Burn which I must say has the best fit on Planet Earth. Usually shirts like these don't fit in the arms and shoulders for me but I was shocked in how tailored it was for my body type...which is fucking skinny btw, lol!
Since I was feeling all "classy" in my B&W so I bought out my homie Double Cs for the ride. Nothing says sophisticated like vintage Chanel, DUH!! 
I did have to virginize that shit though with camo, leopard, a shitload of jewelry and a dirty beanie! What can I say I suck at being simple...OH WELL! 
Love it, let me know!

kiss kiss,

and the WINNERS are...

Sorry I've been uber busy and kinda neglected the old bloggie blog! I know you're probably on the edge of your seat wondering who won these damn tees.
Well the winners are picked at random...size S Samantha Rae from Fools Rain and size M Ariel R. from Couturing! Yaaaaaaay!!! You should receive an email from me shortly ladies.

And THANK YOU everyone for entering! I should have another giveaway coming up soon...

kiss kiss,

Monday, January 16, 2012


vintage Elton John tee, UNIF Chelsea shearling coat c/o Nasty Gal, vintage camo army jacket, vintage Smokey the Bear hat, vintage peekaboo lace slip dress, vintage backpack purse, Gee Wa Wa boots, vintage crosses necklace, Beginning Boutique cage ring and random rings

OMGeez it's been cold as fringe outside, I'm wearing like 3 pairs of legging under that skirt, CHILL BURR! Mama had to layer up this weekend, which in the end I always look like a fashionable bag/cat lady hippie strutting around town. 
As you can see I have some sick obsession with my camo jacket since I try to force it into everything I wear. I just can help it...it's camo, it blends with everything, DUH!
If I'm obsessed with my jacket then I must be bat shit crazy over my vintage Elton John tee. Like I've worn the black off this mofo! I'm scared every time I wash it, it's going explode into dust. I honestly just got into wearing tees a few years ago since they do absolutely nothing for my negative A boobs and give me "a 12 yr old boy body", as the haters like the say! I never understood that phrase since I think it's gross that you're checking out little 12 yr old boys bodies...fucking pedophiles, EWWWW! I'm what you call PETITE morons : )

Anywho this tee is the bomb.com and meshes well with the rest of my outfit! 
 Don't ya think so??

kiss kiss,

*FYI, I'm announcing the winners for of my Bershka tee tomorrow so get your comments in today people!

Friday, January 13, 2012


Beginning Boutique harness cutouts bodysuit/cage ring, vintage studs/chains leather harness bracelet, Romwe spiked leather cuff, eBay Evil Eye bracelet/ring chain harness, vintage crosses necklace and random black oval ring

My lastest obsession...HARNESSES!! Jewelry, clothes whateves!
I was lucky enough to find the studded leather chain harness while thrifting and was like "WTF is this?" I instantly put it on and it gave me the power to punch someone in the face! It looks like medieval fighting gear or somethin'. I think it's pretty fucking awesome though, hehe!
And the evil eye harness is from eBay and was only $5. I added two more chains for that DAMN effect! You know when you see something and go "DAMN, where did you get that?" Hmmm mmm, you know what I talking about!
Overall harnesses is my shizz! What do you think?

kiss kiss,

And don't forget to enter my Bershka tee GIVEAWAY, if you haven't click here! Offer ends Monday, January 16th!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Romwe two tone yeti shag sweater/leather denim spiked top/spiked bracelet, Forever 21 leatherette skinnies, vintage hat, Nasty Gal JC Tardy boot customized by me, DIY spiked leather bracelet, Beginning Boutique cage ring and random rings

Eat cereal, die happy!! Yeah out of everything in my pantry I only eat the cereal, the rest is for Ephraim's lunch and after school snack. He's a growing boy so he can eat all the crap he wants! Me on the other hand I'm terrified of fast food/processed foods(it's made with Satan knows what) and I like everything dipped/drowned in avocado. Mmmmm avocado! Fresh homemade meals is the best for my body.
Now don't be looking at me sideways. I still eat fried/soul foods, meat, pasta, bread whateves...Mama's on no diet here! I just like to prepare and make it myself so I don't have to worry about no extra shit in my food. Plus I haven't eaten that shit in a year and I must say I feel less tired and weighed down...my energy level is through the roof! No more food comas :(

Anywho...HELLO MY SWEATER!! I'm so effin' obsessed with it, like I've had it on for 3 days straight...it's so warm! I really feel for the yeti who had to be skinned alive for my happiness but this sweater is my life. It's definitely reminds me of my own DIY I did a few month ago (here) and the fact that it's black and white just makes my head explode!

Ugh LOVE IT!!! You?

And don't forget to enter my Bershka tee GIVEAWAY, if you haven't click here! Offer ends Monday, January 16th!

kiss kiss,

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