Wednesday, February 29, 2012


So I kinda wanted to share with you all the crazy shizz going through my head right now! 

WARNING: This might not make any sense!

(picture via chicmuse)
Dolce&Gabbana F/W 2012 sunglasses

Plug in the hot glue gun cause Mama's going to "enter local craft store here" to buy some plastic flowers! My latest DIY obsession is a must-have for Spring. How perfect are these sunnies? Like what a cool way to dust off your old Ray Ban's and bring them back to life!

Now it's time to swoon over some Romwe! Ugh I fringin' love love love Romwe, like I got all this for 100 bucks, okay $100.89! But still 3 awesome pieces in one place and I can't wait to wear the leopard two tone concoction. This is going to be the best package ever, look out mailman cause I'm stalking you!! *squeal*

 Moving on...sooooo NiaSays, vlogger extraordinaire on YouTube, mentioned me in her February Favorites, yays! It just pops outta nowhere, like WHAT THE FRINGE, ME!! Thank you so much for the blog love, you literally sent me 10,000+ hits today! That has never happened...ever. So be sure to check it out here, her hair looks AH-MAZING, btw!

Speaking of vlogs be sure to run over to Jean Greige and hear her "Ramble On" about the highs and lows of blogging. And if you got time skip over to the original vid that started it all on Fashion Pirate, here. These are real opinions on blogging from bloggers and may open your mind!! I know I've felt that way for years and has worked really hard to stay true to myself and who I am. That's why I approach blogging the way I do and try to show you my accomplishments in this "blog world" as Jessica being Jessica...and you can go do it too! You don't have to give a fuck, water down your style, spend a fortune on trends or be a world renowned photographer to be accepted in this makeshift blog world! Keep doing you and eventually you will be noticed for it. I can go on and on but I'm sure these ladies say it way better. I am extremely thankful for all I have achieved on my blog and can't say enough how much I love the support from my readers/blog community...THAAAAANK YOOOOOOOU!

Last but not least I'm going to be working with DV by Dolce Vita, yays! It the more affordable lovechild of Dolce Vita and Mama's going to be guest blogging/featured on their blog DV Style. Which is pretty pretty cool, if you ask me! I'm dying to break in that star has my name all over it, DAMN YOU scallop trim!

WHEW, now I can focus on packing for New York. Just think by next Friday my ass will be strutting the streets of NYC with my best mate, Darine...oh the agony!!

kiss kiss,

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Nasty Gal X MinkPink

Ugh that first look I need to live!

Anywho this editorial has my 3 faves...Nasty Gal, MinkPink and Hyoni Kang(so effin' cute)! I received my first MinkPink piece as a gift from Nasty Gal. So I was happy when they asked me to share with my readers the Nasty Gal X MinkPink collabo COMING SOON! Lots of loud neons, crazy print mix ups, skintightness and a chevron crochet bag you can live in!
My favorites are the leopard dress with the yellow panel and the oversized crochet bag, DUH! Yours?

kiss kiss,

Monday, February 27, 2012

What a MAROON?

Sheinside sweater chiffon dress asymmetrical dress, Zara mullet skirt, vintage hat, vintage Chanel chain bag, Nasty Gal UNIF Hellbounds, lace bralet, oversized turquoise cross, Mad Lady tribal stone cuff/ring/turquoise shield ring, H&M silver arm cuff, DIY spiked wrap bracelet, Romwe spiked cuff, vintage leather moto jacket, Items by Johanna black cross necklace, vintage crosses necklace and random rings

Okay you had to have watched Bugs Bunny cartoons to get the title, lol!

 Ugh yes I can look like a fucking girl okay! That's what I love about this can soften a hard ass like myself and make me look less like I'm gonna punch you in the face. I think it's called, "THE POWER OF CHIFFON!" hahaha :)
Other than the sheerness, I'm obsessed with the asymmetrical cut of the dress so I added my Zara mullet skirt, Joel got me which fits perfectly underneath in the cutout of the dress. I like to have a lot going on when I walk so I love love LOVE the flow of the skirt and dress together!
I also added turquoise here and there for a POP of color to all the darkness plus a shitload of jewelry, DUH! Leather moto, Smokey the Bear hat, my homie Double Cs and of course the hellbounds were perfect cause they remind me of gothic ballerina shoes with the lace ups and the round toe or maybe it's just me, hehe.

Love it!! You?

kiss kiss,

Friday, February 24, 2012

Life is FULL of important CHOICES.

vintage BEERS sweatshirt and UNIF Hellbounds c/o Christine/Christeric

So a week or so ago I received an email from a girl name Christine, clicked on it and started putting two and two together...HOLY SHIT it's Christine from UNIF! She said she loved my blog and would love to send me another pair of Hellbounds! I felt like a 12 yrs old girl who just got an iPad for Christmas from her extremely rich parents. I truly respect what she does with the UNIF brand so I was extremely thankful! I think my every other sentence was thank you so much. So again thank you soooo much Christine for the shoes boo, mwah!

Also thought they would make great friends with this vintage beer sweatshirt I found thrifting with Fox Marie. It's hilarious and ironic cause I quit drinking beer over 6 months ago. Mama's getting old and beer bellies on a chick is not the business, okay, shit start to stick in old age, lol! Plus I workout 2 times a can't run 5 miles and drink beer. It will slow you down, yada yada yada, ugh Mama likes to ramble about her life, sorry!

Anywho back to the sweatshirt...ain't it fucking AWESOME?

kiss kiss, 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

UNIF Spring 2012

and my personal fave...cause I'm a Mama!
(pics via christeric)
Man oh man am I bat shit crazy for UNIF Spring 2012...I love how you can't even see the clothes clearly but you know you want EVERYTHING!
UNIF has done it again with hilarious worn-in tees, knits with crosses, grunge Americana, crochet, sheer madness, MONSTER HEELS and massive spikes...pretty much everything to a girl who don't give a fuck!
This editorial is breathtakingly beautiful cause once the smoke clears they still go hard!

kiss kiss,

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


vintage aztec ethnic top, Romwe lace up pleather shorties/spiked cuff, vintage crochet maxi vest, vintage hat, Nasty Gal UNIF Hellbound boots, Target socks, Zara faux fur bag, H&M silver arm cuff, Mad Lady elephant necklace/tribal stones cuff, Beginning Boutique cage ring, eBay evil eye ring/bracelet, random rings and vintage oversized elephant head necklace

So the #1 question this week is "How do I look so fucking tall if I'm only 5'4? I thought I'd answer it on my blog just in case there is some other shorties out there DYING to know my secrets.

First off I have freakishly long arms/legs for a short person and feel I'm nicely proportioned for my height...kinda like a tall short person, lol!! Since I know my legs go all the way up, I tend to wear hoe shorts and mini skirt to make them appear longer.
Second and kinda the most important, I only wear 5-6 inch heels that elongate my legs. If a shoe hits me in a certain place on my ankles or calves it can make my legs appear stubby. That's why I loooove my new Hellbounds cause they give me that extra boost and not make me look like a short person on stilts!
Last but not least, CAMERA ANGLES! If you noticed my all my pictures are angled straight up to the sky. Which means I have my tripod all the way to the ground. Then I get up as close as possible head to toe, stretch out my body (sometimes standing on my tippy-toes, hehe) and lean towards the camera. Notice how I look like a giant compared to the house in the background and almost as tall as the trees?
Soooooo in conclusion it's all a fucking ILLUSION, you don't have to be some world renowned photographer to look tall in a photo! Just practice over time and it will get better, shizz I know I wasn't the greatest when I first started. Feel free to go back and see my progress.

Anywho Spring is amongst us and I can't fucking wait!! You?

kiss kiss, 

Monday, February 20, 2012


Urban 1972 floral ruffle romper, Dr. Marten raspberry boots c/o, vintage backpack purse, old beanie, AA chambray manshirt c/o American Apparel, eBay evil eye ring/bracelet, Target socks, Romwe spiked cuff, DIY spiked wrap cuff, vintage crosses necklace, H&M silver cuff, Beginning Boutique cage ring and random rings

Ummm holy Spicoli Dr. Martens have come a loooong way baby! All the vintage pairs I have are extremely heavy and stiff...cute but will work the hell outta your calves, okay! 
So I was beyond shocked when I received these babies from Yuri over at cause they were light and super soft like buttery leather, YUM. The comparisons were insane...same shoe different feel and fit. I definitely had a stoner moment like "WHOA DUDE, NO WAY!"
I know I always say, "it's better in vintage" but sometimes the re-invented version is just as good if not better! Ugh, love them!!

Okay so as planned the winner of the Dolls Kill UNIF tee, picked at random, is Paulitta from Japanese Fly! Yaaaay congrats girl, you should receive an email from Doll Kills very soon! 
And thank you to everyone who participated. I will be taking on more giveaways in the near future so there will be more chances to win.

Oh yeah thanks for all the positive feedback to my last post about gifting and bloggers! Mama's not getting any older so it's time to make some decisions about my blog...nothing drastic cause I'm going to be me ALWAYS! Just be a little more open about working with bigger brands. Idk, we shall see.

kiss kiss,

Sunday, February 19, 2012


VintageVirgin x Bershka tank top and black AA tank top

Sooooo my schedule has been way the fuck off and I feel like I'm more and more behind each day :( Like I fringin' forgot to tell you guys about being on another Bershka shirt! How awesome is that?? Like one shirt, OMG but two are extremely humbling and I can't believe all the cool things that come from blogging about my clothes!! What a honor? 
When I got them in the mail is was like, OH SHIT, then I remembered I forgot to mail off the tees from the last giveaway. I apologize to my winners Samantha Rae and Ariel R. for taking forever getting you your shizz but I promise to have it in the mail on Monday...scout's honor!

My brain has been shit this past month. I was all focused and packed for fashion week, so when I had to drop everything I felt a bit defeated blogwise! My main goals for blogging are to meet other bloggers like me and let other's know they ain't can wear whatever the fuck you want! The free shizz and sponsorships are the cool things that from blogging but not a priority. Would I love to develop a career from this? DUH who wouldn't! I've worked really hard to stay true to myself, I'm still swatting them off left and right telling them, NO! But sometimes I think, "What am I blogging for?" "Should I put myself out there...don't I want more exposure?"
I have been working with sponsors more but only the ones I feel fit my style, blog and can benefit my readers. When I first started my blog the word "gifted" made me cringe, I didn't understand it and thought bloggers were just being bought/losing themselves in all the free clothes. But now that I'm on the other end I totally understand what they're going through. (insert foot in mouth, lol!)
As my blog grows, the offers get more and more insane each day. Like checking my emails have become extremely stressful for me...I would LOVE to work with some of those brands, LOVE! But I feel like I'll become molded into this person that I'll hate later on in life.

Idk, what's your opinion? I really like what Madeline over at Jean Greige had to say about it...check it out here.

kiss kiss,

Also I will be announcing the winner of the Dolls Kill UNIF tee giveaway so enter if you haven't already! See so fucking behind, ugh!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


vintage graffiti Versace jeans, Crash & Burn Joan top, vintage leather moto jacket, Nasty Gal UNIF Hellbound platforms, vintage hat,  vintage vinyl clock bag, vintage chain belt, vintage crosses necklace, Beginning Boutique cage ring, eBay evil eye ring/bracelet, Romwe spiked cuff, random rings and DIY spiked wrap cuff

Hahaha this is what happens when it's raining and freezing outside...I start fucking around on Photoshop!! Just wanted to make you giggle, lol!

Okay so when I heard Versace was teaming up with H&M to bring back 90s retro Versace...I was like sign me up! Then I was hit in the face with a bunch of palm trees and not enough gold. You see when I think of 90s Versace I think of all the crazy pop art denim they used to make, i.e. MY PANTS! Like how fucking rad are these? The graffiti, the stripes...THE COLORS! Ugh Dontella is fucking up!

Anywho, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to all my lovely readers and for those who don't celebrate FUCK VALENTINE'S DAY(middle fingers up)!! I'm wearing my gift from Joel...I still can't believe he bought me Hellbounds for V-day, FUCKING HELLBOUNDS! Ugh thanks babe even though you're all the way in Scotland :( I love you!

kiss kiss,
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