Thursday, March 29, 2012


vintage pastel stripe DIY slasher shorts, NY boutique pastel colorblock top, SENSO Sardinia lemon buckle wedges, oversized round sunnies, Target socks, vintage leather backpack purse, H&M silver cuffs/bangles, vintage cross necklace, eBay evil eye bracelet, vintage circle bracelet and random rings

 You have to be deaf, dumb and blind if you didn't know it's all about pastels or any colors for Spring! So I was BEYOND EXCITED when Shelly over at Solestruck asked me to collabo with Senso! I've always admired their higher than life platforms from afar plus they have the perfect pastel shades for my PASTEL OBSESSION. Like DUH of  course I was down...obvi cause I  cranked out 2 lovely outfits in them!

My first look is "Colorblocked Casual" or at least casual to me, lol! The colors of the top blends so well together with the vintage shorts but I love the random ass yellow stripe on the side. Which made me throw in the shoes to bring it all in. To avoid looking like the Easter Bunny/unicorn's vomit I added little hints of black here and there. Every time I wear pastels I get this weird tingling feeling that what it feels like to be all girly and shizz? Idk, I kinda like it!

On another note, I didn't know this blouse was all the until I saw it posted all over Tumblr! I got mine at one of those hoochie mama boutiques in New York for 28 bucks! Didn't know it was the sold out sensation for Spring, lucky me I guess! I'll get bored with it and sell it, which speaking of...I have good news! Mama's clearing out some shizz in her archive of craziness, so be on the look out for that mid April early May. I'm thinking of putting items up weekly so I won't overwhelm myself cause it's that much shit! I'll let you know.

kiss kiss,

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Romwe B&W two tone blouse/spiked cuff, H&M floral skinny trousers, vintage B&W stripe clutch, DIY polka dot headband, street vendor cateye sunnies, Qupid neon turquoise wedges, Target socks, DIY spiked wrap cuff, vintage bangles, eBay evil eye ring and random rings

Holy shizz it's Spring and the weather has been AH-MAZING! Like there's fucking flowers everywhere, that I know was not there last week. Either my mind's playing tricks on me or old of the two. But it's beautiful out and I'm shocked cause it's usually hot as hell in Texas around this time! Go Texas...

So I finally got my dream blouse in from Romwe and the color/fit is extremely mod. Being that the 50s/60s are my first love I decided to go for a more modernize girl next door look. I think Peg Bundy hair, floral petal pushers, pops of colors, cat eye sunnies, polka dots/stripes and neon wedges did the trick.
Now if I had Diet Coke in a glass bottle you probably would have thought you went back in time (haha not) and I definitely would have a switchblade in my clutch, like badass Wanda Woodward from Cry Baby, lol! 
Also wearing newer items keep you from looking like you're sporting a costume, even though vintage is my life, I loathe girls who go too far and let the clothes wear them. You're supposed to be influenced/inspired by the era not become it! Vomit, rolling my eyes so hard, looks like I'm having a seizure over here, lol! 
You know what I'm talking about? If you feel you look too much like (enter your favorite 50s/60s icon here) take a few vintage pieces off and and add newer accessories or vice versa. I promise this will freshen up your look for sure...bring yo shit into 2012!

Before I go I just wanted to say THAAANK YOOOOOOU to all my lovely readers! I feel like I haven't said that in awhile. Shit has been beyond overwhelmingly CRAZY and I'm just sooooo thankful you guys are on my side supporting me! Sometimes a positive comment from you guys can keep me from going bat shit crazy...ugh I love that!

kiss kiss,

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Dear Nicole Richie...I fucking love you! I'm not a huge fan of her new show Fashion Star (there's too much going on at once and the music SUCKS) but I am all about the headpieces she's been wearing though. She has been killing me week after week with her INSANE bohemian head gear. So of course I had to DIY my own shizz! Made from a vintage belt I got from Beacon's Closet, I just wrapped it around my head, added chains from an old necklace and used Shoe Goo to hold it in place. I LOVE Shoe Goo and use it for everything...fuck a hot glue gun!

LOVE IT! Don't you?

vintage DIY silver eagle headpiece, Nasty Gal UNIF Forget It dress, vintage crochet fringe shawl, Mad Lady tribal cuff.ring, Ebay evil eye rings/bracelet, Beginning Boutique cage ring, vintage bangles, b-day BFF/stone necklace from Darine,  H&M ankh evil eye necklace and random rings

Also does anyone watch Portlandia? Omgeez I could not stop singing "She's Making Jewelry Now" while making this headpiece for some reason! Check out the vid if you haven't...HILARIOUS and you know you have a friend like that too!

kiss kiss,

Thursday, March 22, 2012

You can SUPPORT a lotta GAYS in this dress...

Sheinside rainbow stripe bandage dress, vintage B&W stripe clutch, vintage acid denim jacket, We Love Colors neon socks, Nasty Gal UNIF Hellbound boots, DIY studded wrap bracelet, random rings, eBay evil eye ring, Romwe spiked cuff/eagle claw bracelet, vintage crosses necklace and bday crystal bff necklace from Darine

If you stare really really hard you can see my curves...I have an hourglass figure...just very small like the ones you find in board games, lol! I always tell people I may not have junk in the trunk but I have enough items for a trunk show, OKAY...SNAP SNAP!
At first I was a little skeptical about bandage dresses since I get so much shit for being boney as is...why would I torture myself more?  But when Sheinside asked if they could send me this BOLD magical technicolor dress from a mythical forest in San Francisco(yes I give all my clothes back stories, lol) could I say no?
To tone it down since I'm no "girlie girl" or Kim K, I added a denim jacket, Hellbounds, spikes, silver and the B&W stripe clutch to suck up some of that color.

Someone get me to a gay pride parade STAT, lol!
Love it? Let me know!

kiss kiss,

Tuesday, March 20, 2012



 best birthday EVER before flying back to Texas
 lactose intolerant, btw but I can't help myself
@The Farmacy in Brooklyn...the cutest ice cream parlor
 Darine looking 90s chic, SWOON!
 Miyako being perfect...she has the BEST style known to man and woman
 outside Trash & Vaudeville
 Lady the sweetest kitty on the planet, Janet <3
 Jessy and Stephanie

Street art for Ephraim since he loves to draw
 Yuki being attacked by a bear in a hat @ Please Don't Tell/PDT
 this may look like slop but the best meal I had in NY from the Meatball Shop...mmm jambalaya meatballs, drools
 I'm looking semi-busted in no makeup with one of my loyal readers Gianni...possibly the best moment of my trip!
 was featured on MTV Style...don't laugh I know MTV sucks these days but hey I was FEATURED!!
and now I have 4000 readers, WHAT? Which is +26 now but who's counting? Me obviously, hahaha!!

So this was my trip in a nutshell...all highs, no lows! I had my picture taken on the street several times, saw Elin Kling while scrounging through Soho for goodies, met some of my loyal readers, saw that I was featured on MTV Style and Google News for my blog, did a photo shoot with a real photographer Stephen Wilson, met up with old friends from Houston, got to go thrifting in Jersey, found the pantsuit/belt of my dreams at Beacon's Closet, got tatted up from Jonah, turned a 1000 yrs old, broke my "no beer rule" (think I had one every day I was weak!), got my dance on at the Jane Hotel (thanks Miyako) and overall just had a great time in general with my best girl, Darine! It was sad leaving but I know I'll be back in the Summer...according to Joel, squeals!!

kiss kiss,
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