Monday, April 30, 2012


Just wanted to share with you 2 fun interviews I recently did with Solestruck and UNLTD Magazine. Oh, I also got to do an interview with Nylon Indonesia this month and will be sharing that with you on a later date.


Sunday, April 29, 2012


vintage Cocker Spaniel dog face tee, Tunnel Vision vintage Grandma's couch shorts, vintage crochet maxi cardi, vintage Smokey the Bear hat, H&M fringe customized studded bag, Forever 21 gold arm cuff, Mad Lady eagle bone necklace, Jeffrey Campbell Solvang woodies and random rings

Haha, raise your hand if you remember the dog face tees? Way before you carried your dog in your purse, you used to represent on a tee...ugh vintage at it's finest!
Speaking of vintage...get a load of my "Grandma's couch" shorts from Tunnel Vision. The floral tapestry print combined with warm tones are so INSANE my head just exploded, BOOM! Thought it went perfectly with the tee, crochet maxi, fringe and a little gold.
I'm actually on my way to eat crawfish/mudbugs. Had to ditch the cardi after awhile, crawfish can be extremely messy. And yes I look like a bohemian tranny everywhere I go, DUH!
Hahaha I love it! You?

kiss kiss,

Thursday, April 26, 2012



Yays my photos from the photo shoot I did in New York with Stephen last month! Since I'm nobody's model, I'm always curious to see what I look like through other people's lens. I think these turned out AH-MAZING so I will definitely be working with Stephen again! Check out more of his work, here.

kiss kiss,

Monday, April 23, 2012


vintage DIY customized studded denim vest,  Nasty Gal Any Wat cutout dress, vintage plaid flannel button down, vintage chain belt, vintage leather backpack, customized DIY spiked Tardy boots, vintage crosses necklace, Romwe spiked cuff, H&M silver cuff, vintage bangles, DIY spiked wrap bracelet and random rings

Ugh it's so good to be back in don't understand! I have to give a special thanks to everyone for all the love and compassion for my knee. I was seriously scared to death of the possibilities of having surgery...Zumba, running and kick boxing flashed right before my very eyes! Like my legs are my favorite part of my body and it's obvi I like to show them off. But I'm happy to say my twisted knee turned out to be a pinched nerve around my knee cap, over here!

OMG but I did get to watch a lot of TV though...HOLY SHIT I didn't know reality shows have gotten this bad. But I was fucking hooked, I swear it's like (insert addicting drug here)...Dance Moms/Toddlers &Tiaras, Bitches Fighting in Restaurants, Anything Real Housewives, Redneck Man Show, Repo Craziness whateves there was a show for it! I have a feeling I've lost a few brain cells here and there but highly entertained, lol!

Well I'm back and I thought I'd dust off some old DIYs from vintage past. You know you can't go wrong with spikes, stripes, plaid and American flags!

kiss kiss,

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Just a combo of thrift finds I found in New York, Jersey, here before and after my trip. Lots of colorful tees, slinky dresses, prints, mints, florals, 90s garb and bohemian shizz.
 I found the baby pink pastel bells last weekend and almost died in the store cause they're MY SIZE!! Aww shit son...doing my awkward in yo face dance to the old lady behind me, BOOSH!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Soooooo Mama has fallen up the stairs (yes UP the stairs) and twisted my knee! Which means I'm going to be out for a few days :( It sucks cause I walk everywhere so it's going to be hard to keep me off my feet or force me to drive. Ugh I hate driving cause I live within 5 miles of everything I need and it's just outright lazy to drive to school or the grocery store.
I laugh at the parents who live in my neighborhood that drive cause it's like RIGHT THERE people, then they have to sit for minutes on end in a line of cars just to drop their kids off at school. While I just stroll right past them and damn near make it halfway home before they get to the front of the line. 
Why am I not surprised, Houston is one of the fattest cities in America!!

Anywho hopefully I can entertain you with my thrift store buys tomorrow! Clothes always make me feel better...

kiss kiss,

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


(pics via Refinery 29, Lust for Life, Google, Fashion Salade and Tumblr

Regardless if you're Olivia being perfect, a supermodel turned rock star, a fucking hippie on the weekends or a dude in a vintage dress seems like Coachella had it all when it came to fashion! These are some of my favorite looks floating around the interwebs...Chanel Iman fucking killed it btw!

And WTF Tupac was there?

kiss kiss,

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Sheinside mix print scarf blouse, Beginning Boutique polka dot skirt, vintage Chanel chain bag, pastel lavender wedges, Target socks, Romwe faux Prada sunnies/spiked cuff and vintage silver bangles

When I was in New York shopping I kept coming across these insane mixed print scarf  tops and dresses. Tempted to get one, I held out until I found the right one and I did. One thing I like about having sponsors is that I get to fuck around with newer items/trends and make them my own. Regardless if it was given to me or I bought it with my own 50 cents, it screams VIRGIN!

The mod art deco print combined with polka dots, bright colors and peter pan collar just sent me through the roof. So I opted for a cutesy(vomit) swinging 60s retro look paired with lavender wedges and my homie Double Cs! I added the spike bracelet for a little edge cause HELLO it's me.

Isn't it weird how I look like a totally different person when you can't see my tattoos? I could almost pass for normal(double vomit),lol! 
Running in the house changing into grungiest sleeveless vintage tee, hehe. Noooo I have a vagina and every now and again you can catch me slippin' and looking like a lady! I have nothing against looking pretty it's just not really my thing...remember I'm a dirty country girl who use to live on a farm, people! Just let me live my life, ugh!

kiss kiss,
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