Wednesday, May 30, 2012


See by Chloe leather wedge sneakers

Sometimes I have to give my hubbie the side eye stare down he gay? Cause he has such a great taste in fashion and always buy me things he loves. Right now he's obsessed with wedge sneakers so he got me these...yes I'm a spoiled bitch, DUH! I love them soooooo much cause I get to wear sneakers and still have a little height. THANKS JOEL!

kiss kiss,

Monday, May 28, 2012


UO Kimchi Blue neon floral maxi dress, vintage crochet bag with customized fringe, aqua neon wedges, Mad Lady turquoise stone cuff/ring, eBay evil eye bracelet, H&M silver cuff/evil eye ankh necklace, vintage bangles, random ring and Beginning Boutique cage ring

Every now and again you find that piece that stands out so much you don't need anything else but jewelry and a bag. Believe it or not but this dress is way louder/brighter in blinding! Ugh you should see it when I walk, DAT FLOW! Thanks to Joel's great taste he was able to score this rad dress for me.
I wore this out for sushi with Joel and everyone and their Mom at the restaurant was complimenting me on it. I don't think I blushed that much in my life, which means I just sat there nervously smiling with itchy cheeks, nodding saying, "thank you and THANK YOU," lol! I am a (vomit) southern girl.

Who can't appreciate a pretty dress...LOVE IT?

kiss kiss, 


The best thing to happen since platforms and weave is Wasteland getting an online shop. Like it's the first place I run to when I go to SF for those insane vintage finds. It's also where I got the above shorts and romper. So I was beyond happy to share with you a discount code for 20% off courtesy of Wasteland for anything in the store. Everyone needs a little Wasteland in their life, right?

Just go to, pick out all the good shizz, then enter WASTEDVIRGIN20 in the discount code box and BOOSH 20 frickin' percent off! Ugh why are you still here...seriously GO.

Offer ends June 2nd!

kiss kiss,

Friday, May 25, 2012


vintage DIY neon bleach shorties, DAYDREAMER LA hamsa Hand of Fatima tee, vintage leather backpack, vintage Smokey the Bear hat, Deandri OLGA boots/shoe accessories, Target tights, Forever 21 evil eye ankh necklace, Mad Lady tribal stone cuff/ring, DIY spike wrap bracelet, vintage bangles, random rings and Beginning Boutique cage ring

Now you know I was going to bust out my new DIY shorties, DUH! I love how my ass in glowing from all the bleach and neon, like this crazy aura around me. Golly gee I just LOVE THEM!

And THANK YOU ladies over at DAYDREAMER LA for this awesome neon hamsa's fucking perfect. The cotton's so soft you can wrap a baby in it and the tulip opening in the back is a must-have for Texas weather. A gust of wind can go a long way out here baby and I loooove a good chill up my back, brrrrrr!

As much as I'm obsessed with white I'm still taking baby steps on wearing it all together. Like an all in one, romper or dress is perfect but separates can be tricky. So I used black tights/accessories to make the outfit and shoes stand out more. Love it?

Oh before I go I just wanted to thank everyone for all the positive support and feedback I've been receiving lately! Blogging has been a true joy knowing other people across the globe has got your kudos to you!

kiss kiss,
Virgin my shoes? Live in the California/LA area? Please check out this Sample Sale for all things Deandri and receive 15%-30% off!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


vintage DIY bleached neon shorts, vintage southwestern belt, Mad Lady tribal stone cuff/ring, F21 evil eye ankh necklace, Beginning Boutique cage ring, evil eye ring and H&M bangles

Soooooo this was an easy one since the shorts were already neon green, SCORE...high five! I just dipped it in 50% bleach and 50% water, drain and let it hang for 2 hours. Then rinse all the bleach out with cold water, throw in the washing machine, dry and voila...SUMMER TREND! Ugh love the faint aqua between the lime and white, makes it kinda beachy.
Anywho, run to your local thrift/charity shops NOW...yes now, find those oversized neon shorts and dip em'!

kiss kiss,

Thursday, May 17, 2012


 Wasteland Finder's Keeper romper, vintage crochet maxi cardi, DIY vintage eagle headpiece,  Zara faux fur bag, Beginning Boutique Ryder buckle boots/cage ring, eBay evil eye ring, Mad Lady tribal stone cuff, H&M silver cuff, crystal necklace from Darine, F21 ankh evil eye necklace and vintage bangles

So my latest obsession and recommendation for the Summer is anything WHITE! Like I looooove colors but these past months I slowly realize I'm hoarding more and more white items. All the black in my closet hates me so I avoid that section...yes my clothes talk to me, it's like Gangland in there, Vintage vs New! It was a blow by blow, fight to the finish but this romper from Wasteland came out on top. "WINNING" said the romper and draped itself all over my body, lol!

Anywho, on some real shit I'm kinda dreading Summer since Ephraim's going to Atlanta for 3 months. His real father blew back into his life/got out the Army some years ago and ever since he found out he has 3 little brothers, he could give a flying fuck about Mom, hahaha! He hates being the only child and ask me like everyday for a sibling so I understand the loneliness he feels but I also have 3 sisters...he'll be running back, lol.
On a lighter note my bestie, Darine will be visiting me soon so I will be counting the days till I see her face! Maybe she can help me with all this "selling my clothes" fiasco? Hmmmm....

kiss kiss,

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

oh my god...DEANDRI SHOES

So one of cool things about blogging is I get to make bloglationships every now and again with other talented bloggers! One of those lovely ladies was Deanna, who I met through She was making and selling these amazing pieces that I was dying to get my hands on! So we bonded over her awesomeness.
Then she went away for awhile (tear) and came back out of the blue and was like, "Dude I'm making shoes now!" When I clicked the link in the email, my jaw literally dropped and I was instantly hooked on the Deandri bandwagon...the wood detailing, snakeskin lining and the fact that they're 5 inch platforms, ugh I LOOOOVE THEM!
She also sent me the rad shoe accessories which has Virgin all over it and also a quick way to change up a pair of shoes...from hey to HEEEEEY, lol!

Oh and she draws as well...what can't this girl do? Thank you soooo much Deanna, you're amazing!

kiss kiss,

*The shoes will be available at Solestruck, Karmaloop and Envishoes soon.
Follow Deanna here on Facebook to get the latest updates!

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Sheinside polka dot top, vintage pastel pink wide leg trousers, Romwe neon floral clutch/faux Prada sunnies, pastel lavender wedges, vintage plastic bangles and random rings

Hahaha busting out my Grandma do...I was so inspired by the look below after seeing it on Tumblr, I just had to give it a go.
 EPIC FAIL, I mean it turned out cute but I do know next time I try it I'll use synthetic hair to stiffen up my hair cause my shit was falling all over the place, lol!

Anywho, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the fashionable Mommies out there! If you've been following me for awhile you know how much I LOVE being a Mom...I'm like borderline obsessed for those who didn't know, hehe.
I had Ephraim when I was 19 so it wasn't all champagne and roses in the beginning, I fucking struggled but now I get "Mom of the Year"...EVERY YEAR! So to all you young Moms out there DON'T GIVE UP, I swear things will get better. And you can be fashionable too! I don't know who came up with this old wives tale that once you pop out a kid you should look frumpy and wear the latest from Chico's...FUCK THAT! Remember it's just clothes people, you're not killing any babies from working it.

kiss kiss,

Thursday, May 10, 2012

NYLON Indonesia

I'm still in awe and slightly flabbergasted that I was featured in Nylon Indonesia! I'm like "HOLY SHIT that's Mama in there" and Ephraim's like "that's your name on the front Mom!" It's such a humbling experience to know that your vintage craziness is loved all over the world. Thank you so much Alexander over at Nylon and also to my lovely readers for spreading the love all over the country!!

kiss kiss,

Monday, May 7, 2012


vintage white bralet, Wasteland Kenny Guadalajara shorts, vintage rainbow stripe poncho/blanket, vintage Moroccan customized fringe bag, DIY coin chain headpiece, vintage Hand of Fatima necklace, Forever 21 gold arm cuff, vintage bangles and random rings

Holy sizzle it's getting hot in Texas, so crank up the Will Smith jams (you know the song), get out the popsicles and kiddie pools, lol! 
As hot as it is, there is one thing I know that will be hotter this Summer...NEON! From your fingertips to your clothes, neon is taking over. I know we've all seen the neon ombre suit on Alice Point, right? I will be DIYing that shizz in the near future...just need to find an all white suit for super cheap, FUCK.
Anywho I'm still working on selling my clothes, which has been a bitch cause I have to switch out my Winter wardrobe for Summer and if you haven't noticed I have a shitload of clothes. So I'll be working on that for the next week or so, booooooooooo.

Well I'm off to do Mom stuff...the kids are testing all this week so I gotta go get my volunteer on!

kiss kiss,
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