Thursday, August 30, 2012


 Nasty Gals Do It Better, obvi!

Part of the 5000 Club, thanks to all my lovely readers!

 Before and after studs DIY on my new Zara lady shoes from Joel

 Peekaboo I see you, in Wasteland Finder's Keepers romper

 Ephraim and Chuy before school

  Space nails, rings and Helmut Newton inspo

 Working on my fitness, after 5 mile run

 Close-up of that jewelry baby

 My clusterfuck of an office!

 Mom life with Ephraim

 More close-ups

 Moms Rule, DUH!

Seriously the coolest pair of pants ever!

Sooooo I've been on Instagram for 3 weeks now and I'm officially obsessed! It's a really awesome way to capture your life behind the scenes or in "real life". I know I love to see what all my favorite bloggers are doing so I thought I would share with those who aren't following me or don't have Instagram...these are all photos from this week. I'm working on becoming obsessed with myself, lol!

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


 (everything thrifted except shoes and jewelry)
vintage B&W batik maxi dress, vintage Smokey the Bear hat, Beginning Boutique Ryder boots/spiked necklace, vintage beaded elephant cross body bag, vintage oversized camo jacket, Forever 21 gold arm cuff, Giles & Brother Cortina gold cuff bracelet, Lulu's gold bangles, vintage gold watch, random ring and H&M slave bracelet

As someone who thrifts on a daily, I come across this kinda dress like all the time but they're usually too big or the print is too outdated to wear. Well I guess the curse is finally broken cause I found the one of my dreams and it was soooooo made for me. The color, the fit...the double halter top you can't see because my effin hair, ugh! I tried to keep it simple but failed and added a shitload of jewelry cause I'll die without it, lol.

So Mama is fucking pissed and almost stabbed my hubby last night, lol! You can't tell a spoiled bitch no, like WTF Joel! He wants me to wait until February to go to fashion week cause my blogger money hasn't come in yet. He said he's not buying me anymore tickets to NY this year, technically he did buy me two but who's counting. And yes I did blow $1500 on a bunch of's NY you spend $20 just stepping outside. So I'm over it and I'm just going to push my fashion week dreams to the side cause this shit happens like every year, I just get blocked every time. It's also a sign cause my bestie, Darine will be traveling cross country to LA during that time and I can't go to NY and not see her...FUCK DAT!
Off to cry in my clothes now...I still love you all!

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Thursday, August 23, 2012


Gap iconic stripe shirt, Forever 21 denim triangle shorts borrowed from Darine, vintage Smokey the Bear hat, vintage leather backpack, cat eye wayfarer sunnies, silver bangles, H&M silver arm cuff, eBay evil eye bracelet and Target leopard wedges

So I've been posting my looks on for 2 yrs. now and I've always wondered how the bloggers get to do the campaigns and what not. Well I must have paid my dues cause Gap asked me to do the next! It was a challenge since I had to do it while on my trip in New York, which means I had to make two outfit out of whatever I had in my suitcase. I was so stoked cause I get to put my vintage craziness on the simplicity of the Gap. I must have did a good job cause they were supposed to pick one look but ended up choosing both, so I should have another look for you guys next week!

Ugh it was an awesome experience and I've come to realize that more and more companies want to work with me because I can put some insane outfits together and for some reason they love my photography. So thank you Yuri and her team over at, the team over at the Gap and my booski Darine!
And please check me out on,!

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Forever 21 stripe top, Romwe neon scallop shorts/faux Prada sunnies, Beginning Boutique two tone platform shoes, vintage Gucci clutch bag, Lulus stacked bangles, vintage gold watch, Giles & Brother Cortina cuff and random ring

I think my old ass is having a mid life crisis or something cause I'm slowly becoming obsessed with more feminine shoes! You know like strappy open toes(vomit) and thinner heels(double vomit) are really looking good to me right now. Plus they make my best asset (my legs) look AH-MAZING in these shorts! I don't know how long this is going to last but I'm loving it.

Anywho, I am busy as FUUUUUCK! You know the usual but I should have something for you tomorrow...scout's honor. It's kinda huge for my blog I guess...IDK you know me everything's huge, lol!

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Friday, August 17, 2012


Me: Romwe asymmetrical sheer tee, PacSun Bullhead Black Ocean skinniest jeans, vintage hat, vintage crochet fringe shawl, Target leopard wedges, Nasty Gal silver arm cuff, oversized round sunnies, Stela 9 Hacienda bag, crystal necklace, silver metal choker, evil eye ring and Beginning Boutique cage ring
Ephraim: thrifted ribcage tee, PacSun Bullhead Black Raven Wash destroyed skinniest jeans, all black Converse and neon orange beanie

So recently PacSun sent over a wooden crate, yes a wooden crate filled with a shitload of skinny jeans, cardigans and other miscellaneous a California flag people. It was definitely an unboxing to remember and I'm super excited to have jeans in my life that actually fit me.
Anywho there was a pair of extra skinny black jeans that just so happened to fit Ephraim and me. Which had me cracking up thinking maybe it is true and I am the size of an 11 yr old boy, lol! Nah you can see the difference Mama got thighs with a little bit of ass that fill in them jeans girl!! I know I'm fucking skinny but I'm not emaciated and look extremely healthy. With obesity on the rise, people react to the naturally thin like they're freaks. Were out there people not every thin person is sick with psychological problems. So show some respect and stop gawking like a 4 yr old and go educate yourself.
OH KAY let get back on the subject...what's even creepier is that we actually wear the same size in shoes, tees and's hilarious to me. I just see it as my baby boy is growing and is going to pass up Mama really soon. He's just so effin' handsome, I'm going to have to lock him up in a room to keep the ladies off him.

Overall don't we look fucking cute? I think I will start having an Ephraim post every now and again.

kiss kiss,

Monday, August 13, 2012

Going for the GOLD

Evil Twin gold dots sheer blouse, Beginning Boutique B&W polka dot skirt/spike necklace, vintage gold wayfarers, Zara glitter gold heels, H&M fringe bag with customized studs, Forever 21 arm cuff and random rings/vintage bangles

I think everyone and their Mom was inspired by the Olympics rather it was working on your fitness and getting in shape or just proud to see your country out there kicking some ass! I know being the fashion slore that I am, I was inspired by the models in gold working it like fashion week ain't next month...

oh and the Spice Girls too, DUH!!

kiss kiss,
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