Wednesday, January 30, 2013


vintage gold shimmer sweater, 2020 AVE matte pleather leggings/matte pleather gold studded bustier peplum top, PacSun matte pleather cutout peplum top, vintage wide brim hat, H&M fringe leather bag with customized studs, vintage novelty cowboy boots, vintage bulky gold chain, Nasty Gal pentagon stacked gold bangles/tiny cross knuckle ring, Beginning Boutique gold cutout ring, Romwe gold spike ring and Forever 21 gold arm cuff

What the fringe is up? Sorry I've fallen off the face of the planet, Janet! I've been swamped with shizz I have to do around the house before packing for NYFW and behind the scenes blogger shizz. Everything has to be perfect before I can let my son go through our daily routine without me. I'm dying to see Joel up at 5:30 am, running bath water and feeding the cat who will be meowing in your face the whole time, lol!!

Anywho, another simple but crazy outfit! I love, love, love the studded peplum top but it was a little too short to cover my bum in these leggings so I added a similar top (that I wore backwards) in the same material to create a layering effect. To the untrained eye it easily looks like I bought it that way. So play around with items with cutouts you never know what you'll come up with!

And since I'm wearing all matte I decided to add lots of shine with a shitload of gold...chains, sweater, bags, bangles and rings. If this does scream Janet Jacket meets 90s Versace then you must be deaf, lol!

Love it?

I'll be announcing the winner of the ShoeMint giveaway tomorrow...if time will allow me.

kiss kiss,

Friday, January 25, 2013


vintage stripe crop top, vintage checkerboard mini skirt, BlackMilk Beetlejuice leggings, vintage leather moto jacket, vintage wide brim hat, Zara patent leather heels,vintage patent leather stripe clutch, Nasty Gal silver arm cuff/double cutout rings, H&M silver heavy metal arm cuff/necklace, Beginning Boutique double skull necklace and Items by Johanna knuckle ring

I've been CAT-BOMBED! It's so obvious that my cat, Ziggy Catdust, loves me cause she's always within a few feet of me and follows me everywhere I go. But this time she fucked me with her cute widdle face and cat-butt! She literally gives no fucks and just took a nap as if me and my tripod doesn't exist. I love her so much and probably the best pet adoption ever, so she can do whatever she wants!

My outfit was totally randy cause I found it all folded up in my dresser. I just saw a bunch of B&W and it just started clicking...I was truly inspired by Marc Jacobs S/S 2013! I love prints and B&W so it was a no brainer to just throw them on all together. I frickin love it! You?

Also I have so much going on but I wanted you guys to know I CUT MY HAIR!!! If you follow me on IG, @realvintagevirgin, then you've already seen it. But I did it and kinda happy...might go shorter! Hopefully I'll have photos soon.

Thanks for all the entries in the ShoeMint Giveaway! If you haven't entered, you can here.

kiss kiss,

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


 H&M thrifted sheer floral shirt dress/denim jacket, Zara distressed boyfriend jeans, ShoeMint Bianca ikat platform heels, vintage Smokey the Bear hat, H&M heavy metal choker, Beginning Boutique triple spiked bracelet, evil eye bracelet, Nasty Gal double cutout rings, vintage silver bangles and Items by Johanna knuckle rings

Long story short, these two thrifted H&M pieces were meant to be together cause I found them in two completely different states! I found the dress first so when I got the jacket I was thinking I've seen this before but in black. I've always wanted to wear them together because the contrast is ah-mazing...too bad it took me a whole frickin' year, lol!
To kept this look slouchy, I added baggy boyfriend jeans and a distressed leather bag but kept it girly with amazing platform heels. I love love love my shoes, they clash perfectly with my Reality Bites meets Sex in the City look. And guess have a chance to win $79.98 off your own pair!

3 lucky winners will win $79.98/each, to go towards ANY purchase at ShoeMint! All you have to do is sign up's free, then come back to VintageVirgin, let me know you're all signed up and what's your favorite shoes.
Easy, right? So head on over to ShoeMint now, I'm dying to know what's your top picks!! Offer ends next Tuesday, Jan. 29th.

(*Note the ShoeMint giveaway is only available to readers in the US and Canada.)

I will have more news coming and hopefully a new outfit post too.

kiss kiss,

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Romwe net cutout top, Morning Warrior Ride or Die tee, Front Row Shop pleather sweat pants, Cozbest distressed denim jacket, black beanie, Zara patent leather stilettos, Romwe skull studded clutch, Beginning Boutique triple spike bracelet/tiny skull ring, evil eye bracelet, vintage silver bangles, H&M studded choker and silver spikes necklace

I'm into layers, clusterfucks and long walks around the thrift store, lol! Seriously who knew pleather sweat pants could look so chic?
 I'm in love with this look cause I am beyond comfortable but look over the top...just how I like it. And you know I can't just wear a t-shirt so I decide to layer it under this oversized cutout tee, which meshed well with the whole sporty vibe I was going for. I added stilettos cause DUH, I'm a fucking lady now, lol!! No seriously I want to puke just thinking about how much I love these basic shoes. Ugh so cute!

Anywho I super stoked about NYFW and was wondering if it was anyone else's first time or do they have any experiences they wanted to share with me? I'm a social butterfly at heart but sometimes get extremely shy in big crowds. So anxious to know!

Love you and thanks for all the kind and uplifting messages you guys have been sending me on a daily. I know I not very vocal about it but it really does mean a lot that you care about my well being or what I have to say. I'm making it my goal this year to reach out to my readers and let them know what's up/how I feel! We need more blogger love...

kiss kiss,

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Follow me on Instagram @realvintagevirgin...did I mention I have a cat?

Sorry I've been sooooo behind on my blog! I just want everything to be perfect since I'm going to be making some minor changes and how I post. Same vintage craziness...different look. So don't think I'm about to go all on your ass, I just want to be more personable since people oddly want to know more about me! 
Is there anything you would like to see on VintageVirgin?

Also forgot to mention...
I'M GOING TO NYFW, FINALLY! I didn't want say anything until I had a confirmation in my inbox. I haven't locked down any shows or jobs yet but I have some photo shoots lined up and finally getting to meet some of my blogger buddies I adore via the internet! Also my bestie lives there soooooo NYFW or not it's going down.

kiss kiss,

Monday, January 14, 2013


Young Hungry Free clear clutch, vintage sequin Rock n' Roll piano patch from Beacon's Closet, reused vintage sequin No Smoking patch from Owlephant Vintage and sequin music notes from Southern Importers

I was so super inspired by the Prada S/S 2012 clutch last year, I just made my own! Made simply from a clear clutch and vintage patches I had laying around the house. I got bored today and said , "Fuck it, this is happening." If you have some patches and a clutch that's dying to be use...just add glue, lol!

Loves it?

kiss kiss,

Friday, January 11, 2013

We are the WEIRDOS, Mister...

Front Row Shop chevron sweatshirt, vintage plaid high waist harness skirt, vintage Smokey the Bear hat, Young Hungry Free buckle cutout boots, Target grey socks, vintage leather backpack, H&M studded choker, silver spiky necklace, Beginning Boutique triple spike bracelet/tiny cross ring, Nasty Gal cutout ring and Items by Johanna tiny knuckle rings

If you're scratching your head about the title of this post then you've obviously haven't seen the movie, The Craft! It's always the first thing that comes to mind when wearing a plaid skirt, that and Clueless.
 Plaid is one of those prints like polka dots that will never die and will constantly reinvent itself for every season. Even though I have a thousand plaid skirts this one's special cause it came with cool button on suspenders. Since I think I'm Kris Kross I decided to wear it backwards and make this awesome harness effect to blend with the chevron lines of the sweatshirt. Also giving you the ultimate front tuck at the same damn time, lol!!

So I've been embracing flats and I finally found the knockoffs of the knockoff of my dreams! These boots have been calling my names since I first laid eyes on them but not at that price. So I waited and waited, in stealth mode, finally able to astrike on these babies from Young Hungry Free

You're going to laugh but I really like this simple look...ha ha told ya! Loves it?

Anywho I have some giveaways come up from ShoeMint and Chicnova so be on the prowl for that babes. I also have more good news but if you follow me on Instagram(@realvintagevirgin) then you already know I spilled the fucking beans all over the place. I'm super excited...I'm like a baby eating cake for the first time, lol! In due time will tell...

kiss kiss,

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