Sunday, March 31, 2013


(everything vintage from head to toe)
vintage 70s horses sweater, vintage 60s triple stripe sailor skort, vintage 60s colorblock leather clutch bag, vintage 50s Sears saddle shoes, vintage 80s red beret, vintage 60s colorblocked square bangles, vintage silver bangles and vintage 70s white heart ring

Sooooo it's my first installment of "All Vintage Everything" and I think, well I know I went a little literal but I just had to prove a point, lol!

My favorite eras when it come to vintage are the 50s, 60s and 70s. I'm extremely attracted to tailored, quirky and look at me pieces. If you're looking for simple looks...that ain't me babes! 
The horse sweater is probably one of my favorite pieces of all times but so is my skort...I feel they made a great team together combining a different kind of print on print with horses and stripes.

Now the hardest vintage to find are shoes cause their feet were very small and narrow back then. So when you do find a nice pair they're usually worn down and out by the time they get to you. One shoe you can't go wrong with and seems to go with everything vintage are saddle shoes which comes in black, navy, red, pink and plaid. And oddly they still wear them with school uniforms so an updated version should be easy to find if you can't go vintage.

I'm still working on the kinks of All Vintage Everything so if there is something you want me to add just leave it in the comments! 

kiss kiss,

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


SUPERMUSE Ideal Day mesh dress, vintage trench coat, vintage oversize Revolution clutch, vintage straw hat, Deandri Olga wedge platform booties, Myrrh bronze bar necklace, white round sunnies, JewelMint Timeless bracelet, vintage gold watch, Nasty Gal gold pyramid bracelets and Beginning Boutique gold cutout ring

I am borderline obsessed with this dress! Not only does it solve my "all white everything" addiction it also has an AMAZING fit. Like at my age you can't go bra-less even if they're negative AAs but this dress surprisingly held these babies up and gave me the support I needed!

It quite obvious I've been digging through my vintage archive cause my favorite bag I hid from myself is back. The strap broke (R.I.P.) but I must say I love it more as an oversized clutch. I think you can see why I had to hide it cause it's fucking awesome and goes with everything, DUH!!
The trench coat is from my vintage collection as well and thought it was a great topper to my retro resort look.

I seriously love this look and I'm quite proud of the little makeover I've given myself. Starting with cutting my hair and reinventing my style to be more sophisticated but still over the top how I like it! Growing up doesn't mean your dead and being a Mom doesn't mean wear a sweatsuit so stop feeding into stereotypes. I love when some young anon calls me old cause I'm like one day you will be my age and you're going to wish you looked this good...hating on the internet will give you wrinkles baby, lol!!! *face palm*

kiss kiss,

Monday, March 25, 2013


A lot of Beetlejuice mixed with Hammertime/zuit suits and old school Vegas are what you might get from this look!
I was really excited to FINALLY get my hands on a full suit and I love that the pants are more harem than your usual trousers. Since the B&W stripe print is already flashy I decide to wear a basic tee from SUPERMUSE combined with "look at me" accessories. 
The clutch is a DIY I made from vintage sequins patches I had laying around the house, which you may have seen here.

I love this look because it's casual and over the top...just how I like it! Do you love it?

Anywho, I've fallen a little under the weather and semi weak for some reason. I hope I feel better soon. I'm a least feeling good enough to post, so check back for a new outfit tomorrow!

kiss kiss,

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

South By South YES!

vintage Michael Jackson tee, vintage Levi's denim shorts, American Apparel chambray button down, Kill City WIDOW faux leather jacket, old straw fedora hat, round two toned sunnies, vintage lace up boots with DIY chains, H&M silver arm cuffs, Kontraho metal diamond ring and Daniel Wellington classic watch

This was probably my favorite outfit and the best day ever due to the fact that I got to see Sky Ferreira and White Lung in the same day while looking amazing! You can never go wrong with denim on denim, leather and a vintage tee...NEVER. It was hot in the sun but cold in the shade and inside, so this little faux leather jacket was my key accessory to surviving SXSW.

The Filter party was awesome and I had a healthy supply of brisket sandwiches and beer...lots and lots of beer! I like to call SXSW "the poor man's Coachella" cause everything is free if you don't mind waiting in line for it. Which is life pretty much, lol! So get your ass in line.

More photos to come from my ATX adventures and my bangs are clip-ons fyi!

kiss kiss,

Monday, March 18, 2013

Blah, blah, blah it's my BIRTHDAY...

Wildfox American Flag crop sweater and oversized sunnies c/o Bollare, vintage B&W polka dot babydoll dress, vintage wide brim hat, Kill City WIDOW pleather biker jacket, Nasty Gal double cut out rings, vintage Justin boots with customized chains and vintage leather backpack

So today's my birthday and I'm representing the "dirty 30s" now! At first I used to fear turning 30 but now it just give me the right to not give a fuck even more to be honest. I've learned some lessons in my years and I'm extremely happy now so I must have done something right!
I'm also celebrating 6 years with Joel...we may be polar opposites style-wise (he wears black and grey a lot) but we are the same inside! I love that he has never changed himself for me and vice versa. This man loves me for me, claims Ephraim as his own son and support our family, while I say home and run a blog...I couldn't ask for more. Okay maybe a baby but no one perfect, lol!

These photos were actually taken by Joel at the house we were staying at in Austin for SXSW. Air BnB is the shizz, they hooked that shit all the way up, lol! 

I should have more coming from my trip to Austin coming queue the 50 Cents!

kiss kiss,

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


vintage pastel stripe short overalls, H&M cropped sweater, Dr. Martens neon brogues, distressed denim jacket, old black fedora, Grafea pink leather rucksack, VidaKush ying yang necklace, Beginning Boutique triple spike cuff, Nasty Gal silver double cutout rings, Kontraho metal diamond ring and H&M silver doulble cuffs

By the time you read this post I should be halfway to Austin for SXSW! I'm super excited for some live shows, it's been awhile. 

Also this look is for my collab with and Dr. Martens. I really love the pastel colors they have for Spring!

Sorry this post is all over the place but I gotta get on the road...

kiss kiss,
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