Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Romwe bananas and dots dress, Zara white pointy heels, vintage yellow window box clutch, mirrored wayfarer sunnies, H&M silver arm cuffs, vintage B&W bangles, Nasty Gal silver cutout ring and black stone ring

Sorry if I've been missing in action, I'm kinda hiding a HUGE's nothing bad I just can't tell you right now.

kiss kiss,

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Front Row Shop white trench overcoat, Front Row Shop BARCODE tee, Front Row Shop white boyfriend jeans, Zara B&W ankle strap heels, vintage leather backpack, vintage wide brim hat, H&M chrome choker/arm cuffs, mirrored aviator sunnies, Nasty Gal silver cutout ring and Kontraho metal diamond ring

OMG, it's another white outfit...I know this is getting out of control! I'm slowly seeing less and less colors in my wardrobe which isn't a bad thing, I just can't stop wearing white. Idk, it's just something about all white that makes me happy.

Lately I've been on a mission to make myself look older which is kinda hard when you're petite/5'4 cause technically I'm the height of a middle school kid, I would say size but kid these days are massive and way more developed for their age. So I always get mistaken for a little kid, like my last trip to New York I was wearing a vintage tee, skinny jeans with Chucks at the airport and this lady pulled me out of line and asked me if I'm traveling without my parents. I was like bitch I'm fucking 30 and had to show her my ID again! She was shocked, apologized and once she heard me speak then she knew I was an adult over the age of 25. I thought I looked my age and thought cutting my hair made me look older but I guess I was wrong.
I refuse to dress like a stereotypical mom and will always be over the top cause that's just who I am. But one thing about being an adult is you have to compromise and just grow the fuck up! So don't cry to me about my outfits and how I used to dress 3 yrs who the fuck is the same person they were 3 yrs ago? I used to be queen of the goths when I was like 18-21, would you like me to dress like that again? So I laugh at people who don't understand that it's just fashion, it's not that serious boo.

And one last thing...stop using trend/trendy like it's a four letter word! News flash we're all trendy, wearing vintage is trendy, thrifting is trendy, following my blog is trendy, being original is trendy, fashion is trendy!! So if you don't like trends then why are you here? Think about it. Here's the definition of trendy via Google:
So calling someone trendy is not an insult're kinda complimenting them, lol! So, the next time someone calls you trendy,  just say, "THAAAANK YOOOOOU" with a big smile on your face!

kiss kiss,

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Topshop varsity jersey with customize plaid back, Zara skinny white jeans, Nasty Gal Shoe Cult Faye platform pumps, vintage B&W stripe clutch with added red strap, vintage wide brim hat, H&M silver chrome arm cuffs, Nasty Gal silver cutout ring, Kontraho metal diamond ring and mirrored aviator sunnies

Holy crap looking at these photos made me realize I really did fuck up my bangs! They're so short they can't lay down, lucky for me they're clip on bangs from Sally. I can never give myself real bangs cause of moments like this, sigh!

So remember later week I said I was going to DIY my Topshop jersey tee? Well at first I was going to go for a colorful print but I stumbled upon this vintage plaid pearl snap that was too small for Joel that lined up perfectly with the tee. Now I know I'm the worst at sharing my DIYs cause I literally just come up with them in my head and just execute them right on the spot, without even thinking to record each step as I'm doing it. When an item is one-of-a-kind it's hard to redo the same thing twice and you know I'm not going to buy another Tophop tee, soooooo yeah here's my step by step!
  •  Buy any oversized jersey tee. It doesn't have to be the exact one I'm wearing.
  • Cut out the back of the jersey along the seams but leave enough fabric to sew it back together. 
  • Now find an oversized tee or shirt that's a similar size to the jersey tee and cut out the back along the seams, also leaving enough fabric to sew together.
  • Remove the sleeves cause you may have to resize them to fit the back shirt.
  • Flip inside out and sew back together.
  • Adjust and sew sleeves back on.
Should be easy and no time at all if you know how to deconstruct a tee and sew. I thought it would be a cute spin on a football jersey, plaid and B&W.

Love it?

kiss kiss,

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Motel Rocks letters crop top and skirt set, TX B&W snapback, vintage B&W stripe clutch with added strap, Nasty Gal Shoe Cult Faye platform pump, H&M silvthougher chrome choker/arm cuffs, mirrored aviator sunnies, Nasty Gal cutout ring and Kontraho metal diamond ring
 Operation "sporty Summer" is in full force even though it's not quite Summer yet, DUH I know...technically I'm pre-gaming! It's obvious my love for white has increased even though I haven't fully committed in this outfit, I think the retro rad black letters help me overcome my fear of filthiness. I love the proportions and think it's just the right amount of tummy and legs showing without looking too raunchy while flaunting my little naughty bits. 
I'm all about skirts this season and feel my inner lady is showing. I love me some cutoffs but I am SO OVER the destroyed denim look, like studding shorts isn't even considered a DIY anymore it's just something you do nowadays, lol! I know it's hot but for fuck sakes can we please advance to something new already...THANK YOU! Don't get me wrong denim will be forever in but instead of cutting them just cuff them. I promise you will thank me later when you're not dressed like a FB teen blogger especially if you're my age it's pretty awkward! Maybe I should have a denim 101?

I'll have another outfit post up tomorrow and I'll also semi-explain my jersey DIY. I kinda just think them up in my head without recording them...story of my life!

kiss kiss, 

Monday, May 13, 2013


Nasty Gal Shoe Cult, Zara and Nasty Gal ShoeCult
Beginning Boutique, Zara and Zara

They say more than 3 is considered a collection, right? Well I've been slowly transitioning from chunky platforms to stiletto lady shoes and if I would have know how amazing they make my legs look I wouldn't have hated on them for so long! I think it was a bad experience that left me traumatized or the fact I have skinny bony old lady feet but I effin' love them now! For some reason they're a lot more comfortable and have better support and more sliding and wobbling and dropping it like it's hot. 
I personally love a good ankle strap, as someone who's bowlegged and pigeon toed that strap helps me keep my damn shoes on since I have thinner feet.  It definitely keeps me from flopping, clanking and clacking down your block...ugh I hate that, it's sounds like a fucking horse galloping on cobblestones, lol!

Now the only thing missing in these photos are a cobalt blue goals!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

JERSEY GIRLS (and guys)

So a few weeks ago I purchased my next overly trending item, the Topshop jersey tee, that I loooove! Which I think I'm going to DIY it into something of my own. I always tell people, "I may have the same item as you but we will never look the same." So stop crying about someone stealing your look and wear it like you gives no fucks! Who knows they just may be inspired by you. Check out some of my favorite inspo below. My next purchase for sure is a vintage basketball jersey...for sure!

Now are you obsessed?

kiss kiss,

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


H&M colorblocked blazer, vintage Houston Astros tee, Zara origami skort, TX B&W snapback cap, vintage leather backpack, Wear It Don't Bear It necklace, Nasty Gal Zuri cutout boots, Nomad vintage revived men's watch bracelet, Nasty Gal cutout ring, Kontraho metal diamond ring, Items by Johanna knuckle ring and H&M thin silver arm cuff

Okay for real, for real this time I'm not sick anymore! An obnoxious rainy, cold front came through Houston and made it like 45-50 degrees out which made the sickness I had in my chest wake up again. It's technically my own fault, I shouldn't had my dumb ass outside snapping pictures of myself but it was for ASOS sooooooo I'm not too mad. I'll have more about THAT later..squeals!

Anywho, I'm sure the Astros suck so don't judge's just the colors are super cute, hello! Orange is my favorite color after white of course for Summer, I noticed that I've accumulated a lot this past month alone. Plus it looks amazing with white, even though I can't fully commit to an all white ensemble cause all I can think about is how filthy I'm going to be later, lol! But I'm working on it and will one day cross that bridge.

I'm obsessed with anything sporty chic at the moment, like jerseys and heels together really turns me on, ugh and snapbacks with everything, please...I just can't get enough! I guess my goal is to look like a "pretty boy" all Summer.

I'm going to blab all about my love for the jersey in my next post. I promise I'm not going to get sick again and not post for weeks, lol! Oh and thanks for sending me love and get well vibes via the internet, it's nice to know you care.

kiss kiss,

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